Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Beginnings

Addiction to prohibited drugs and bad influence of alcohol makes our life worse. Repentance is not enough and always in the end. Some lives conclude in prison bar and dramatic way of death but only few were given the chance of rehabilitation and recovery. Society and institutions are destroyed by this network of illegal drugs and alcoholism including rich and poor. Young and old, men and women are both affected with those corrupted vices. The worst news is even the young people tasted this evil practice and ruins their future. The worst of all is even relationships are broken because of lack of awareness on how to interact with family members infected with this wrong doing.

People we get in touch with and sometimes friends are some of the channel of this worst scenario of life. We should be watchful on people with suspicious motives of a quick acquaintance with us on their actions and behaviours. There are reasons why those people are so interested with us because they have hidden agenda on attracting people on their illegal manoeuvres of drug addiction.

People’s lives are precious “no return, no exchange’. It is a sole gift coming from our creator. It is hard to rewind all good memories we have in the past, but if there are possible cases of drug addiction in our family members we should look for effective ways. Professional help coming from treatment centers like  drug rehab in California will brought lives back to new beginnings. Drugs and alcohols polluted people’s mind and those two are our enemies. We have to build a better environment for our children and family members. A unified family is the best weapon to fight against threat and intimidation. Our children can have a bright future and a happy living within our hands of care.


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