Wednesday, May 18, 2011

FIL’s Disability Insurance

My father in law is a retired mechanic; he started working in early 60’s as a bus washer in a reputable bus company here in the city. The company was a pioneer transportation vehicle along EDSA transporting the public commuters in the main roads of metropolitan areas. After long years of hard work he was promoted to another high rank duty as a mechanic then he became a foreman mechanic. Due to the labor issue the company ownership was transferred to other businessman but still he was hired and entrusted with more responsibilities.

One rainy night while he’s on duty he met an accident that resulted in a broken leg. He was operated and all his expenses was shouldered by the country’s social insurance just like the there was an unexpected accident occurred. His one leg was broken and undergone an operation but he’s lucky that he has an insurance that shouldered all the expenses incurred in the all the expenses was shouldered by a social security insurance just like the SSDI which takes care of your income and expenses when you’re unable to work due to disability. His social security insurance didn’t just pay his hospital bills but gave him disability payment as well. For several years now he just stays in his home and enjoying the benefits of his insurance and receiving a monthly pension.


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