Saturday, November 27, 2010

Personalised Cards for My Kids

With all of my three kids I always create something special to add a personal Mom’s touch on memorable events in life such as baby dedication, birthdays, graduation and on every occasion that’s precious to them. I want the best for them and would want them to feel how I love them so much in my own little simple ways. I create personalised cards on special occasions because I want the invitations to look the way I want it with a photo of my kid and my own personal message. It brings me total freedom on how the cards would look like and I love it.

These cards I make for my kids comes in handy in several occasions and can be used also as thank you cards for those who attended my kids’ special events, a remembrance card to those who want a souvenir for themselves or any other occasion card that I find usage to. I even share some of my layouts to my friends who want the same personalised touch on their kid’s birthdays. Anyway if you’re new to doing these personalised photo cards for your kids don’t worry as there are online sites that will help you to do these things. These websites will guide you in creating and designing your own cards with your own personalized message of your choice. Plus it will be shipped to you conveniently in separate envelopes. You’ll be surprised at how good the cards will turn out, just perfect to make the event extra special.


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