Wednesday, November 3, 2010

October 2010 Top Droppers

I've missed dropping entrecard last month because of my offline and online hectic schedule.  I was glad that some still gave me their much welcome visits.  My regular top dropper friend June of Fledging Blogger had a bad experience with entrecard and he stopped being a member.  Among my regular droppers it's Guitarbench who has made it to the top again. You'll notice that some had few drops only and I've expected it because of my inactive presence in ec.  Hope I'll have time this month.

Still I want to express my appreciation for your visits and drops.

Dropper # of drops 27
Beyond My Quiet Zone 7
At Home with Auntie E 6
My Online and Offline World 5
Vintage Fun for All! 4
Fledgling Blogger 3
C'est La Vie 2
My Sweet Haven 2
Losing It - Getting Fit 2
Healthy Fresh Updates 1


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