Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Symbol of Love

I just witnessed a wedding and as always it has made me teary-eyed. It’s always making me soft and emotional every time I witness a ceremony where couples would say their vow of promise to each other and say the final ‘I do’. It’s taking me back to memory lane when hubby and I planned to get married after being engaged for 17 months. I could never forget the excitement we had when we choose our Wedding Bands together with an Auntie who knows everything about jewelries. We’ve chosen simple but elegant gold wedding rings because that’s what we want also for our wedding. We had a simple Christian wedding surrounded by the people we love most. I remember what our Pastor said about the meaning of ring. The circle shape of the ring symbolizes continues love that will never be broken. And that’s how we want our love to be, never ending and guided by God.

I’m sure every couple would want their love to be that way and that’s the reason why when they have found the one they truly love they wouldn’t hesitate on choosing the best Engagement Rings they could find to mark their commitment to each other to make it to the altar. Well if you’re one of them who really like to choose the perfect rings for your wedding and engagement you can visit and be one of the satisfied couples to pick from among their variety of rings. 

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