Friday, September 10, 2010

Roofing and Slating

I’ve attended the homeroom meeting of my eldest kid and saw my brother and SIL on the way out. I went with them when brother visited his residential project in the village. I saw how the construction has improved a lot since I last saw it and it looks like a big duplex house with two gates only. I was asking my brother if he has used slate roofing on his house project because the roofing of the house looks very durable. I’ve noticed that it looks very different from the other houses around the village. 

Every time I see my brother’s project I’m always attracted at the new designs and styles he’s applying in all his projects. Sometimes I go with him when he visits the big warehouse for construction supplies like electrical, lighting, plumbing, tiles and bathroom fixtures. Of course I always searched for discounted tiles as we’re planning to have our flooring replaced this year. I was looking at the selection of slate tile and I’m beginning to like it.

I saw some attractive designs and I’m making a detailed budget for it. Glad I’ve found Virginia Slate Company which offers a complete line of quality slate tiles at competitive prices. They have professional staff that customizes each order and a reliable customer service that will attend to all inquiries.


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