Monday, September 13, 2010

Kids Need Guidance

I was talking to my co-Moms who were also waiting for their kids to finish with the journalism competition. We’re sharing about the importance of having the support and guidance of mothers to their kids especially on their adolescent years. One Mom was so sad sharing the life of his neighboor friend who in the midst of too much poverty went abroad to work. She can’t go home for a vacation as often as others because her salary is not that high and her job demands more time with the family she serve for. Now her kids are seen frequenting the mall and smoke shop and no family relative is stern enough to declare discipline on the house. 

Both kids of her friend suddenly became so lazy cutting time on their classes and tried to avoid attending them. It’s a pity that their Mom is sacrificing her happiness just to let them live a better life. I know she wants them to finish college too but with the way they’re treating their studies now I don’t think they can even pass secondary education. If only someone would tell their mothers to end her job abroad and take care of her kids before it’s too late.


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