Saturday, September 4, 2010

Elegant Looking Watches

Watches make me take a second look, whether I saw it in the mall booths, in department stores or in specific watch store. I love to see them in different sizes, style and brands. I’m not much acquainted which brand is more expensive or things like that. I just want to look, canvass and when I have money I buy my chosen style. Previously I go for certain brands only but now I’m open to try others too as long as they fit me nicely. Of course I also dream of having those beautifully crafted watches like IWC Watches which obviously has excellent craftsmanship befitting its high price. When I visit their site I was amazed at the beautiful line of their products which are distinguished watches for men and women.

Ulysse Nardin Macho Palladium was one of the elegant-looking watches I’ve seen in Lussori which made me gasp when I saw the price. Well it costs so much, a thousand dollars, but with the elegance and quality it carries many would fall for it without minding the cost. That’s what Lussori sells in their site, elegant, luxurious and unique timepieces that you’ll want to have, wear and collect.


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