Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cars are Such a Blessing

It's incredible how the world is changing for people who used to live in poverty. People who only ten years or so ago would have had no choice but to walk or hitch a ride everywhere they wanted to go are now able to afford their very own cars. This is an amazing bit of turnaround, wouldn't you say? A car gives people a type of freedom that they would never be able to enjoy otherwise. In your car, you can travel wherever you please, whenever you please. And that is a type of wealth that just cannot be measured in dollars (or any other type of currency).

Of course, there are new responsibilities you have to take on when you get a car. It isn't all fun, fancy and free. Well, it's not supposed to be. Some people try to ruin everything by just being nuts with their cars. And everybody has to keep their eyes scanning all around all the time, just in case. But the irresponsible people shouldn't spoil all the fun the rest of us can be having, right? We can all enjoy these big, beautiful roads together in peace and all that lovely stuff.

We just have to keep a few things in mind all the time. Obviously, you need to make sure your seat belts, auto insurance, tires and brakes are all in good working order. If any of those things fail, you could be in for a world of hurt. You could almost debate which of those four is the most important of the group. Seat belts keep you in the car, which is usually best in an accident. Insurance lets you get your car (and anybody else's property you may damage) repaired without having to go bankrupt. The tires and the brakes are good ways to stay out of getting in an accident.


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