Thursday, March 4, 2010

Glazes for Pottery

Now that summer vacation is just a few days away I’m searching for some hobbies and crafts that my kids will do to while away their free time. They’re fond of arts and crafts and I’m thinking of pottery for my two daughters as they’re old enough to do it. Well for those interested in pottery like us you can check out AMACO/Brent for all your pottery supplies and materials. They’re the leading company when it comes to pottery crafts.

Amaco has the complete glazes for all types of pottery for students and professional. They have a dozen glaze series and it includes cone 06 glazes for low fire glazes and cone 10 glazes for high fire glazes. You will surely love its different interesting effects when fired of course depending on what you want. They also have specialty glazes and texturizers for the complete professional effect of your pottery. Its variations make it really an exciting hobby.

I gather that dipping pottery into glazes is one of the most common method as it came from the oldest known method in pottery. It’s still is very useful to do as dipping glazes produces a wide variety of good finishes. Oh I really love to do it on summer with my bigger kids as it’s a useful hobby too.


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