Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Remedy for Tiredness

I’ve been working the whole day through and happy that I’ve accomplished many tasks today both online tasks and my regular household tasks. It’s not that easy to balance managing your blogs and your household that’s why I’m very happy that without any house helper I can do both, of course with lots of support from hubby and my Mom who’s always there for me. Now I’m getting the full grasp of being a work-at-home Mom and I was able to do some adjustments on my time schedule. Like now it’s getting really late and I’m still here in front of my PC doing some visits to my online friends’ sites and advancing some posts for tomorrow.

Sometimes my family asks me where I get my high energy level. I told them that whenever I felt tiredness seeping through my bones I closed my eyes and imagine myself on a beach having some relaxing florida vacation. Of course that’s one of my wishes but a nice vacation in one of the beautiful places here in my country would suffice for me if and when we find time for that as I want my family to be with me.


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