Monday, November 2, 2009

Beautiful Mailboxes

Communication is very important in fact it has been to bridge many gaps among warring countries, distant friends and relatives and been used by many to interact and share many things. It can be through letters, phone call, through email messages, instant messaging and text messages. Many devices and gadgets were invented and made to make communication reach the highest level of technology. I’ve been employed with a small telecommunications company and I’ve seen and experienced the advantages and disadvantages of modern communications technology.

With sweet memory I still love the old form of communication which is sending letters through snail mail because it has its own unique way of sending messages and love which is different from emails and text messages. It’s more sentimental and you can feel the warmth of the letters scribbled by hands. With this in my heart I love seeing beautiful mailboxes like ecco mailbox and ecco wall mount mailbox. It’s not only for the purpose of keeping your mails protected but an added d├ęcor to your front house if you choose stylish mailboxes. There’s no problem about the quality, style and functionality as they have various designs to choose from. provides resource for ecco mailboxes, they offer designs such ecco e4 mailbox which showcase bronze, nickel satin, black pewter, satin brass, antique and copper; ecco e6 mailbox for the conservative type because it’s a Victorian style mailbox. They cater for the modern and conservative type of person. They also have ecco e7 mailbox which cater for the modern type with finishes just like the ecco e4 but different in style. There are so many types that I’m sure many would love to have in their front yard. Some love high type so ecco e8 mailbox would just be right as it’s a tower mailbox. As for me I would love the classic color of bronze or copper in a wall mounted mailbox. I love receiving letters and I want to get it from a beautiful stylish mailbox.


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