Friday, October 16, 2009

Things to Consider in Having your Own Site

When I started having my first blog my friend JennyL thought me all the basics of blogging. During those days I only have freehosted blogs at bravejournal and I didn’t know much about hosting and domain. When I opened my first blog in blogspot my friend encouraged me to buy a domain for myself and we redirected my blogspot blog to my domain using her tutorial. I was very excited then to have my very first own domain name and was contented to get my first name as my domain.

Having my own domain opened a way for me to also earn income through my site. It opened many opportunities that a regular freehosted blog can’t get in. I still manage to maintain my first two blogs with bravejournal even if it has restrictions on some things. I love them because those are the blogs that I started with. My two blogs covers writings of my life, work, family and faith. It is where I write inspirational thoughts, share my life’s journey and my family’s activities. It was also a way for me to express my feelings and thoughts which I haven’t shared in many people.

Writing is different from talking, it expands your horizons more than you’ve ever imagined. And I never imagined also that I will go this far, as far as having five blogs now with another one in the making. Well I wouldn’t be enjoying my blogs if it weren’t for the good web hosting companies that I found. They were recommended to me by my friend and when I checked it at a website which offers reviews and lists of top ten web hosts I learned that my two web hosts are included in the top ten. Choosing the best web hosting company is of utmost importance if you have your own site. If you’re still thinking about getting your own web host I suggest you search sites like web hosting choice who provides free guide and helpful information on choosing the best web hosting plan. You’ll definitely know the site’s features, reliability, uptime and tech support and all capabilities of the top ten web hosting hosts.


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