Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Looking at Kia Soul

Men love cars and they love it even when they’re small. I can see with my little Josh how much they fancy cars and it starts on playing different kinds of toy cars. This hobby reaches out all people of different status, it doesn’t limit to those who can afford as there are various kinds depending on your specific needs and what you can afford. Of course the average type of people can settle for the not-so expensive ones or the pre-owned vehicles just like us. Anyway if the car’s performance is still good why not? For me a car is not a luxury nowadays but a necessity as well. We use our car in going to church, for family activities and for out-of-town fellowship and because it’s still in the repair process we only hire cabs every time we need one.

For car hobbyist, collectors and those who can afford to have as many cars as they want the scenario is different as they really seek for the best performance in the cars that they search. They drool over expensive and beautiful cars and they always want the latest models for their collection. I know someone who really search the net for something that’s new in the car industries like this one he saw in the Car Connection, the latest car from the makers of Kia, it’s the 2010 kia soul, a five-door stylish urban wagon that speaks a lot of spacious cabin interior and a lot of features for safety. Imagine it has anti-lock brakes which are good for sudden stoppage while driving at high speed, it has stability control and tire pressure monitors. And when you think of sudden accidents the six airbags of Kia Soul will certainly help the driver and passengers. I’m very much concentrated on the safety rather than the looks because safety is first in choosing your car.

When it comes to having comfortable space for your things I’ve noted that it has a two-tier glove box for those who want to put their laptops and some other gadgets, pretty good for loggers like me don’t you think? Kia has really improved their cars now as when I saw its 2010 Soul model I was impressed that they have come with this kind, it’s quite stylish and you’ll like it at first glance. Now I think even the rich would want to have it also, it’s a combination of performance, safety and style.


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