Thursday, October 1, 2009

Caring for our Clothes

The storm and flood has caused us damage in our appliances and car but we thanked God that we’re all safe from the killer flood that hit Metropolitan area and nearby Rizal towns. Now we’re sorting our things and saving those that that can still be use. I was glad that I was able to save my computer set, important documents and clothes though during our transfer from first to second floor some of our clothes fell down the flooded area. I was thinking that if those clothes were of high class textile, barong or tuxedos it might not be restored to original form. I learned that some clothes should be given extra care and attention in washing, ironing and storing or else it might not be used again. Anyway during storm or period of crisis the essential things are human safety, clean dinking water and food to survive. We should also pray hard to God and ask for His protection


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