Saturday, October 10, 2009

Car Allowance Benefits

I remember what my former boss always tell me that people are the most important assets of the company and as such they should be given enough benefits and salary to live comfortably. With this in his mind he started his new telecommunications company with promising packages for his employees. Several years ago when I was transferred to his new company I was given a 30% salary increase, incentives and allowance. I was happy that my days of endless working nights doing bidding proposal is over. With the new package I got I feel that my 10 years of being a good employee in his other company paid off.

We started the company with full of hopeful perspective that we’ll succeed. The managers are free to reimburse any expenses incurred for meeting up clients and providers. The amounts are not questioned because my boss believes honesty is very well practiced in his new company. Account executives that went out everyday to transact and meet with clients were given Car Allowance to use for their personal cars which they used for travel and meetings. This allowance coupled with incentives inspired others to work hard also.

I’m responsible in computing all allowance reimbursements and incentives of the marketing staff and I know if their numbers doubled up I’ll need the services of Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc. which customize reimbursement program of their client company. They will calculate all of mobile employees' reimbursement rates, mileage history, gas price and more. They’ll make things easier for their client and will save them lots of money because they will not issue cars now they will just give them allowances for their cars. Now this thing has become beneficial for both employees and employer.


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