Monday, July 6, 2009

A Purifying Diet to Eliminate Toxins

I've been asking myself what's the real diet to purify our body from bad toxins? It's also a frequent question now as there are lots of sickness prevailing our community. I've done some research and reading and found that a diet to eliminate toxins should have minimal or no animal products. Animal products can be classified are those food we normally eat these days containing meat from animals like pork, beef and I know this includes the processed ones which are the favorites among many household like tocino, longanisa, bologna, ham and some others. I've learned that excluding this product will reduce the amount of saturated fat you take in. Fat is one of the primary storage vessels for harmful substances in your body.

What people should be eating are fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds that is if you're not suffering from gout or arthritis if I many say. If you have sickness like these just eat fruits and select your vegetables. These will provide us all the needed nutrition in our body and will supply us a high fiber diet, which is a must and an essential in eliminating unwanted substances from our intestines.


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