Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Love Photos

I remember when I was a kid that an uncle of mine used to take pictures of me always. He’s a photographer and I always watch him when he develops the pictures in his studio which I noted as a dark room. Photography way back then was manual, you used a manual camera and you develop the picture in a dark room so the film won’t be exposed. Now it’s a different thing with digital camera and digital printing. It’s easier now as you’ll have a chance to choose your best shot before you print it. I also love taking pictures that’s why I want to start learning about photography. In photography you have to know the perfect angles, lightings and models. It’s important to take into details the color of your shots and the background images. There are lots of things to remember, understand and learn when you really want to be good in photography.

Learning photography is also another way of enhancing your sites as people love to visit sites that features different places, people and photos. It adds excitement to my blogs that’s why I devote some of my time learning about it. For me photos can make stories so I love adding them in all of my sites. Sometimes when I run out of my own personal shots and I want beautiful photos I visit site that offers free photo sharing. It always brings a smile on my face whenever I see splendid shots; those pictures that spells magic like sunset, sky and all nature shots. I love sceneries that are why I love them.

My sister is also maintaining a site of her own and I introduced her to Picuna because I saw plenty of beautiful photos there that they share to anyone who wants it. It allows users to upload their original pictures and post content, you only have to join and login and you’ll be allowed to share photos. Actually I’m thinking over if I’ll join this now or later. I also want to share some of my best photos. I just saw some of Picuna images and I love their shared photos especially the Green Forest which I've included here.


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