Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Husband’s and Wife’s Day

There’s no perfect marriage as there’s no perfect human, only God is perfect. In marriage you just have to live by each other’s imperfections. If you still remember your wedding vows you said those words of ‘for better or for worse, in sick and in health, for rich and for poor’. Those words were never said without reality on it as you’ll experience everything on your years of being together. Just be true to your vows and you’ll pass those challenging years of marriage.

All marriages even the most successful and happy ones suffer stress at times. I’ve read some tips that during those times you can declare a Husband’s day or a Wife’s Day to relieve the stress. It’s just like a Mother’s or Father’s Day, only it doesn’t include your children – just you and your partner. It will be a day where you can give your whole attention to your partner, pamper your partner just like the old days when you were just starting up your marriage. The husband can give his wife flowers, set up a romantic dinner date or write a special appreciation letter, anything that can make her feel special. The wife on the other hand can have her share of appreciating her husband’s love by giving a simple special gift that will make him feel unique and loved or surprise him with a special dinner for two. You can both do anything that will make your partner remember the excitement and happiness of being in love.

Always remember that usual everyday activities sometimes lower the level of intimacy, in a relationship especially in marriage you must always put something that you’ll forward to.


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