Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Puerto Vallarta Activities and Adventures

My sister Redge had a wonderful break from her work which she spent on a two-day stay in Boracay with her friends. She really enjoyed her stay and told me that she’d like me to go there also. What’s good about their vacation is their hopping from one island to another which gave them a lot of excitement. They even gave themselves time to do boating and snorkeling, she really loves it from the look in her eyes as she enthusiastically told me when she arrived after two days. I would like to go there also but since I have three kids in schooling these days I opted to forget vacation this time of the year.

As I’m also planning my own vacation when I have free time I browse vacation sites so I’ll have ideas on my intended vacation. I came across Puerto Vallarta activities and adventures which gave me real fun ideas on how to spent it because it offers a lot of air, land and water activities and adventures. As I’m fond of water activities and cruises I’m happy to know that they have lots to offer like dolphin swim, scuba diving, snorkeling and whale watching. Of course vacation won’t be fun without my family with me and I’m sure all of us will enjoy sightseeing, tours and expeditions this company is offering. Wishes!


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