Thursday, June 18, 2009

Banquet Rooms

It’s nice having occasion once in awhile especially if it’s a special one like birthday, baptism, wedding, anniversary or just a special gathering of family and relatives. My family used to have plenty of visitors here in our house and we’re always prepared for any occasion necessities needed to entertain visitors. Now that my Mom is old and we’re so busy with our jobs we find it hard to hold occasions in our home. We frequently celebrate special occasions in nice restaurants to free ourselves from tiring preparations. It’s more expensive but it’s more convenient and hassle-free especially to me because in our house I’m the one who cooks.

Anyway there are plenty of good restaurants out there who got several menus to satisfy us and our guests so we’re satisfied with the arrangements. My former officemate and friend who resides now in the US got some tips from me and now she also celebrate occasions in specialty restaurants like Italian restaurant banquet rooms in San Diego CA where she will reserve private rooms and just picked from the menus available there. She excitedly told me that she was happy with the arrangement and she used to hire different rooms aside from the main dining room and she’s very satisfied with the banquet lunch and dinner menus. Now she need not worry every time an occasion arises. She’ll just make reservations online.


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